Trust Information

Records the full details of the trust’s beneficiaries including income and capital entitlements

Accounting Flexibility

The double entry accounting system gives complete accuracy and control over trust finances

Account types can be viewed in groups or sub-sets. Any account can be easily amended and changes ‘rippled’ through

Financial Statements

The accounting templates can easily be customised to produce extensive accounts at any point

Tax Management

Computes the gain for CGT Purposes (pooling, indexation, taper relief)

Analysis of income and completion of SA900 (Trust and Estate Tax Return)

Bulk Processing of Capital Events, Dividends, Purchases and Sales

Portfolio Management

Extensive portfolio management facilities including valuations from price-feed data or manual price entry

Bulk processing of dividends and capital events

Bulk purchasing and distribution of equities and gilts

Classifications by asset sector

Trust Types

Isokon for Trusts can maintain both accumulation and maintenance trusts as well as life interest trusts

Isokon for Trusts incorporates full year end procedures

Fund Management

Trusts can be split into any number of sub-funds, all of which can be reported on and accounted for individually

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