Isokon software for Probate Estate Adminstration is without significant competitor or comparison (despite all the adverts).

The evidence:  Isokon is used by 40% of law firms who do Probate and Private Client work.

Isokon is the most complete software for private client work



Isokon software sets the standard for private client work

The most effective way to properly record all the assets and liabilities in an estate or trust is by using a dedicated core accounting engine.

Isokon is a rock solid accounting system specifically designed for private client work. It has been honed and fine tuned over the last 20 years - with 44,000 man hours of development.

Isokon stands head and shoulders above other purported suppliers of software for probate and private client work.

The evidence - Isokon is now used by more than 40% of firms who do probate estate administration work in any significant volume. It is used by 2,000 individual users.

Isokon is much more than just another 'probate case management'

It is the most sophisticated and highly developed software for private client work - developed in consultation with our customers.

Isokon as a business partner

We at Isokon see ourselves more as a business partner than just a software supplier. Most of our support team are former probate and trust practitioners.

We therefore have a detailed understanding of our customers' business.

Our extensive knowledge of estate administration is regularly used and relied upon by our customers.

The Isokon Support Team is unmatched

The skill set of the Isokon Support Team is unmatched by any other supplier of Probate or Court of Protection software.

The result is a significant saving of time and money by speedy resolution of tricky questions that often arise in this type of work.

Tax Specialists on the Team

Isokon has tax specialists on our support team, who are available to answer all questions about taxation of Probate or Trusts or Court of Protection matters.


Please find below a list of some of the law firms who use Isokon




No significant competitors

There are effectively no significant competitors to the Isokon software for estate administration work.

The most complex to the simplest estates

Isokon is ideal for the most complex estates, as well as for straightforward estates. Isokon includes a variety of estate accounts.

Complex estate accounts with schedules, a medium sized, or simple two page set of accounts can be generated at any time.

We amend these to suit your house style as part and parcel of our support service.

‘Out-of-the-Box’ Solution with Flexibility

Isokon includes an Event Management module. Isokon is much more than just case management. Isokon is in effect an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution with flexibility to re-configure.

Workflows and Diary System

Our event management system contains a series of workflows and a diary system to track all events to ensure that no key tasks are missed.

Document management system

Our document management system includes a library of several hundred precedent templates, which are linked to the event system.

Although these precedent letters are easily amended by you, we undertake to amend all of these letter templates and oaths to your precise wording and layout as a standard part of our support service.

All relevant tax forms

Isokon completes all relevant tax forms including some that might be regarded as obscure.


Isokon includes a number of standard reports. Reports are easily added or customised when needed. If time is valuable our support team is readily available to create reports for you as a standard part of our support service.


An Isokon customer has reported:

“Our probate department has achieved a 72% level of profitability. We are the most profitable department in the firm. Our achievement is thanks largely to our effective use of Isokon.”

Isokon is designed to help your business be more profitable.

Customer Testimonial

“Having looked at several software packages, it was clear that Isokon was by far the best software available as it provided the complete package of document production and an accounting system in a very user friendly and intuitive manner. We have used Isokon for 9 years and it has revolutionised the way our probate department operates. We are now much more streamlined, efficient, competitive and profitable. Tax forms, accounts, documents and letters are automated by the fee earner at the click of a button. You can see at a glance exactly where you are on a matter so things are less likely to be missed. Isokon support is superb, they will answer any queries often within a few minutes and will add custom letters, reports and so forth upon request. I cannot imagine how I managed before Isokon. I am a very happy customer.”
Elise Mason, Partner, Green Wright Chalton Annis (Arundel, Goring, Rustington, Steyning, Worthing)