Case Management

Document Production

Isokon Case Management includes a precedent library. It provides the mechanism by which the precedents and data within the system are combined to produce a document that can be edited in your word processor.

This feature supports the powerful accounts production feature. It enables you to produce both final and interim estate accounts. The output is determined by the layout in the template. You the user can customise the template. You can further amend the output from the template.

Consequently the output can reflect your house style or a different style for each user. A variety of templates is supplied with the software as standard.

Document Library

This consists of a full set of administration letters together with a number of account templates. These are categorised into convenient sub-groups. You may create your own template documents and accounts.More than 200 precedent letters are supplied as standard with Isokon.

Mail Merge Facility

This feature enables you to combine text with data. Template letters are stored in the Document Library. Data from Isokon can be merged into a template of your own design. The final output can be amended in your word processor.

Furthermore you may choose to be prompted for data using conditional questions. These can be tailored to your own requirements

Diary Events and Workflow Management

The Events Management function in Isokon enables you to record specific events. These can be associated to any given matter, client, or member of staff responsible for the event. Events may be created ad-hoc or via the chronology. Events may be viewed though member of staff or date (overdue, due today, future). Reports may be generated on all events via a comprehensive search facility.

The Events Facility enables you to create an event, each event can record the dates, priority, event title, description, member of staff and sub-events. One event may contain many sub-events. Events may be viewed centrally or on a client by client basis. Events may also be linked to a specific matter allowing easy access to either the client or a specific matter.

Workflow and Document Production

An extensive and sophisticated user-definable workflow management system is provided as a standard feature of Isokon software.

Events are generated for particular cases and for items within a case (e.g. an asset disposal). Standard workflows are provided for a variety of typical matters and typical actions.

Where actions involve document production, the software automatically inserts relevant client and case information into document templates. The user can therefore review and amend documents on the screen before printing.

Event Tracking and To-do Lists

Isokon contains an event tracking system integrated within the Isokon software. This facilitates ‘progress chasing’ – of all matters – and individual items within a matter, such as disposal of assets in a probate, for example.

To-do lists are produced by matter, by department or by Fee-Earner, who can therefore use the to-do list to select their work.

All to-do lists have a drill-down facility directly to the relevant case.

Department heads can use to-do lists to monitor progress on departmental work.

By viewing the ‘work done’ part of the event management screen, you will be able to provide your enquiring client with an instantaneous response without having to look for the file. and thus avoiding the need to return the client’s phone call. And then having to diarise to return the client’s call.

Using Isokon in this manner will ensure that you will avoid the danger of irritated clients and beneficiaries, and the risk that they are quite likely to take their future legal work elsewhere.

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