Court of Protection

Isokon for Court of Protection

• Isokon’s Court of Protection software enables the professional deputy to manage all aspects of Court of Protection work. It includes the following benefits:

• Massive reduction in keying repetitive information: especially names and addresses.

• Isokon ensures no repetitive data needs to be typed – by outputting directly into COP and OPG forms.

• Accurate output: deputies simply need to proofread final documents: no further calculations are required.

• Letters merged in seconds – financial information extracted automatically from Isokon by any member of the COP team.

• Accurate financial reports are available on demand:

– Deputyship Report

– Client Assets Report

– Income and Expenditure statement

– Bank Reconciliation Statements

• Professional Deputies can spend more time supervising staff: resulting in reduced risks to the firm by enhancing the quality of the work.

• More time can be spent communicating with clients – minimising potential misunderstandings and further reducing risks to the firm.

• Ensures profitability by using a software tool designed to do the work properly, professionally and accurately.

Client Information

Full client information is recorded – as well as family and friends, deputies, and various other professional contacts involved in the case.

Any member of the COP team looking at the file onscreen can see instantly the supervision level.


A record is maintained of key decisions that are made throughout the case. Reports of these key decisions are easily generated in various formats, including output to the appropriate OPG and COP forms.

The dates of the key decisions, and the sequence in which they were taken, can easily be tracked.

It is fundamental in any case review to know (and to have recorded) the specific Decision Taker of each event.

Regular Payments

Maintaining and managing an accurate and up to date record of payments made and receipts of incoming money is not always straightforward.

It can easily become the bane of the work for a deputy in COP work – particularly without a system that enables this to be done with relative ease.


State Benefits can be recorded as well as criminal injuries compensation and civil damages, plus other private income.

For each benefit received, a note of the payer is made, and the recipient, whether payment is mandated to a family member or other party, with the date of award and frequency of payments.


The Budgets feature in Isokon enables you to predict monthly income and expenditure. Budget requirements can easily be forecast. The case can therefore be conducted in a planned, smooth and orderly manner.

This is one of the features of Isokon COP that enables lesser qualified members of the team to perform much of the case work – under the supervision of a deputy.

Document and Reporting Information – Asset Summary

Isokon for Court of Protection includes a wealth of reporting options covering all aspects of the Deputyship. Reports can be easily customised (by you or the Isokon Support Team) whenever you require a report that is not provided as standard with the software.

Document and Reporting Information – Tax Summary

The Income Tax Summary is one of many examples of the reporting features of Isokon COP. The tax summary is output into an Excel spreadsheet.

The time saved by the deputy and the COP team by this report is significant, and yet another factor to making Court of Protection work a profitable contributor to the firm’s fee income.

Accounting – Log of Assets Receipts and Payments

Automatic regular payments allow you to easily reconcile monthly bank statements with your Deputy’s account. The underlying double entry accounting system gives complete accuracy and control over finances.

Please note that you are not required to understand double entry accounting to use this system. The underlying Isokon system will handle the double entry aspect for you.

Income and Expenditure Report – Output to Excel

The software will register and track all assets and liabilities. It will also record income payments, and enable you to have complete control over the format of Income and Expenditure reports as well as other financial statements during the course of the deputyship.

Risk Management 01 – Balance Sheet: Instantly Viewable

Risk Management is a key feature of all legal work. Knowing that the financial information in a Court of Protection case is accurate and correct is fundamental. It saves a huge amount of time that can sometimes be spent when the finances fail to balance.

Consequently, one of the key features in risk management is the Balance Sheet window, which can be viewed at any time during the course of the case, by the proverbial click of a button. It shows that the book is balanced.

Isokon does this for you by its internal double entry accounting engine – without requiring you or any member of the Court of Protection team to have any understanding of double entry accounting.

By performing this double entry background operation, Isokon contributes to the security of your system and to the risk management in the case.

Risk Management 02 – Report on Supervision Levels

Isokon for Court of Protection includes a wealth of reporting options covering all aspects of the Deputyship. Reports can be easily customised (by you or the Isokon Support Team) whenever you require a report that is not provided as standard with the software.

The report on the supervision levels is one of the most important in showing at a glance the status of all the COP cases handled by the firm.

Global Address Book: All Contacts and All Organisations

A central Global Address Book enables rapid access to frequently used names and addresses of contacts and organisations. Names and addresses therefore only ever need to the inputted just once.

Event Management: Workflow of Events and Supervision of Tasks

Isokon for Court of Protection is delivered with a pre-loaded workflow containing some 160+ tasks – most (if not all) of the tasks that you will need to perform during the course of this work.

Using the Events Management system will enable you to manage and keep track of events using this feature.

The Event Management screen will show you a list of all tasks and events, both done and to be done. It will enable you to manage much of the case from this screen. The flexibility of this part of the system will also allow you to make notes of ad-hoc events, such as phone calls and visits to your client.

A manager or deputy can also see instantly onscreen any work that has become overdue. Risks can in this way be further managed and minimised.

Forms: COP and OPG

Isokon outputs the repetitive data held in the system. This data needs only to be input into Isokon once. It is then used on all subsequent occasions when any of the forms need to be generated.

COP1 Application Form COP1A Annex A – Supporting information for property and affairs applications
COP1B Annex B – Supporting information for personal welfare applications
OPG102(T2) Deputyship Form
COP2 Permission Form
COP3 Assessment of capacity
COP4 Deputy’s declaration
COP7 Application to object to the registration of a lasting power of attorney (LPA)
COP8 Application relating to the registration of an enduring power of attorney (EPA)
COP9 Application notice
COP10 Application notice for applications to be joined as a party
COP12 Special undertaking by trustees
COP14 Proceedings about you in the Court of Protection
COP15 Notice that an application has been issued
COP20 Certificate of service/non-service
COP22 Certificate of suitability of litigation friend
COP23 Certificate of failure or refusal of witness to attend before an examiner
COP24 Witness statement
COP25 Affidavit
COP20 Notice of hearing for committal order
COP30 Notice of change of solicitor
COP31 Notice of intention to file evidence by deposition
COP35 Appellant’s notice
COP36 Respondent’s notice
COP37 Skeleton argument
COP42 Making an application to the Court
COP44 Application for a fee exemption or remission
LPA008 Notice to the Office of the Public Guardian of an application to object to registration of a lasting power of attorney made to the Court of Protection
OPG506A Application for a fee exemption or remission
OPG507 A Guide to Supervision of Deputies
Form A Authority to access the CFO account
Form L COP payment into the CFO
Form P Payment request – CFO
Form R Regular payment request
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