“Having looked at several software packages, it was clear that Isokon was by far the best software available as it provided the complete package of document production and an accounting system in a very user friendly and intuitive manner.

 We have used Isokon for 9 years and it has revolutionised the way our probate department operates.  We are now much more streamlined, efficient, competitive and profitable.

 Tax forms, accounts, documents and letters are automated by the fee earner at the click of a button.  You can see at a glance exactly where you are on a matter so things are less likely to be missed.

 Isokon support is superb, they will answer any queries often within a few minutes and will add custom letters, reports and so forth upon request.

I cannot imagine how I managed before Isokon.  I am a very happy customer.”

 Elise Mason, Partner, Green Wright Chalton Annis (Arundel, Goring, Rustington, Steyning, Worthing)