Isokon for Inheritance Tax

Isokon includes the IHT400 as well as the ancillary tax forms:

IHT30 - Application for a Clearance Certificate

IHT35 - Claim for Relief on Sale of Shares

IHT38 - Claim for Relief on Sale of Land

IHT205/207 - Return of estate information (domestic & foreign)

Isokon also provides forms, which, although not tax forms, are an essential component of probate work:

R185 - which provides to the beneficiaries a statement of their income from the estate

922 - which deals with income arising to the personal representatives, certain other receipts, expenses, amounts paid to the beneficiaries and the amounts treated as their income.

Death Certificate Verification Form - this is commonly sent out to correspondents of the estate instead of a certified copy of the death certificate.

Grossing Up Calculator